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domingo, 23 de maio de 2010

Cerâmica Americana do início do século XX / Early 20th Century American Ceramics

Jarra com cara de demônio - c. 1923-36
Cerâmica de alta temperatura pintada

Devil Face Jug - c.1923-36
Painted Stoneware

"A distinctive southern form, face jugs were created from standard jugs to which facial features were added. They supposedly originated as grave markers, but were just as likeli to have been a potter's whimsy. As the inscription attests, Davis Brown designed this stoneware jug for display in the window of T. S. Morrison's hardware store in Asheville, which sold utilitarian wares by the Brown Pottery. However, women from a local church were offended by the image of Satan and demanded the jug's removal." (Curator's text)

This jug belongs to the Philadelphia Art Museum's collection. Philadelphia, PA, United States.
Picture by Luciana Chagas
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